Elle veut

Elle veut

Elle veut
Et se marie
Toute seule

Elle veut une robe blanche

Une robe pas trop salissante

Une robe un peu immortelle

qui va aussi bien hiver comme été

Elle veut gravir le Mont Blanc mais elle se perd

dans les sapins

Avec quelques araignées aux pattes




Every day we must speak
On one important character
Such as Teflan Kurdakis
In the book the “Maurice à la poule”
But it can not find the morning



Jean-Luc Cramatte feels strongly that photography has a major role to play in understanding our society. This led him to insist on accompanying one of the national research projects (« PNR ») with photos. PNR 32 researched old age and proceeded to analyze the social, economic and health situation of persons beyond the retirement age. Cramatte shot pictures, from within, of the dwelling places of a group of people married for over fifty years, in the Vully region. Those in charge of PNR 32 ended up considering Cramatte’s contribution not as a scientific approach—in the vein of visual anthropology—to the subject, but simply as an enhancement of their own project.