Je pratique le football l’après-midi, je prends une pause pour le souper, reprends l’entraînement pour le basket et je fais mes travaux en revenant à la maison.

Je joue aussi au tennis et essaie de conserver la forme physique et lC’est comme lorsqu’on joue au tennis ou au golf : si on étudie son sport dans des livres, je ne pense pas qu’on aille bien loin dans la compétence de son sport.a santé.


I have football practice in the afternoon, I take a break for dinner, go to my b-ball practice and then do my homework when I get back home.

I try to keep in shape and maintain my health.

It is like playing any sport, such as tennis or golf: we cannot develop skills in sports by only reading about them in books.

There is nothing more bittersweet than successfully delivering the wrong project, like when one of my high school basketball team members, not to be named, executed a beautiful shot and scored – against his own team !

Jean-Luc Cramatte feels strongly that photography has a major role to play in understanding our society. This led him to insist on accompanying one of the national research projects (« PNR ») with photos. PNR 32 researched old age and proceeded to analyze the social, economic and health situation of persons beyond the retirement age. Cramatte shot pictures, from within, of the dwelling places of a group of people married for over fifty years, in the Vully region. Those in charge of PNR 32 ended up considering Cramatte’s contribution not as a scientific approach—in the vein of visual anthropology—to the subject, but simply as an enhancement of their own project.